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Our Current sponsors

We would like to graciously thank our current sponsors for their support. Without their financial support, the team would not be able to compete in the competition.

NSW Goverment: Department of Trade and Investment

The NSW Office for Science and Research is part of the NSW Trade & Investment department. They work with the scientific, engineering and research communities as well as the higher education sector and business to promote growth and innovation to achieve better economic and environmental outcomes for the people of NSW.

Defence Science Institute

The Defence Science Institute (DSI) is a collaborative research initiative of the University of Melbourne and the Defence Science and Technology Organisation in the Department of Defence.

Macquarie University School of Medicine

The school provides an innovative competency-based education program featuring "hands-on learning" for surgeons and physicians. The Australian School of Advanced Medicine also boasts a prestigious research centre with 78 PhD students, 3 Masters students & 2 Honours students working alongside a team of leading scientists.

Biomolecular Frontiers

This Centre is within the Department of Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences at Macquarie University. National and international researchers undertake world-class research in the fields of biotechnology, medical research, proteomics, glycomics, and microbial genomics.


Agilent Technologies is a leader in communications, electronics and life sciences. Their expertise lies in designing and manufacturing electronic and bio-analytical measurement instruments and equipments which are distributed and used globally.

IDT DNA Australia

IDT DNA is a leader in manufacturing and developing products for the research and diagnostic life science market. They manufacture and sell short DNA sequences.