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June 5th

At Building 2, Room 0223
1. Description
Title should be 2 or 3 sentence long and contains less than 10 words.
Write after the researches of pharmaceutical.
2. Presentation
Give PowerPoint for modeling information including pharmaceutical.
Study about side effects of main pharmaceuticals.
3. Open Campus
Hold on 8/10,11
Prepare panels and materials for explanation
4. Sponsor
Send documents by a handwriting.
Ask participants of last year for some advice.

Edited by Yohei

June 8th

At Building 2, Room 0223

Contents: about Human practice
Try to contribute to a video site
Planning of the setup
Important note, Actual movie, Staffroll like promotion videos
In order to show that synthetic biology is safe. And ask not only impression of genetic engineering but also reasons of their answers to our questire.

Edited by Megumi

June 12th

At Bld 2, Rm 0223
1. Open Campus
2. Description
Make sure of current medicines for leukemia
Write articles in Japanese (Watanabe, Okumura, Murakami)

Edited by Yuichi

June 15th

At Bld 2, Rm 0223
1. Ask modeling staffs to make project Logo(Japanese style, including a fly picture)
2. Description
Finish writing articles in Japanese
Okumura translates into English

Edited by Kazuko

June 22nd

At Laboratory 3F of library
1. Description
English version
We try to develop new medicine for therapy of leukemia which is free from side effects. For this study, we are going to use Drosophila melanogaster, a model organism to establish transgenic fly carrying responsible genes for human leukemia.
2. Presentation for modeling staffs
What is leukemia?
About our experimentation.
3. Ask modeling staffs to make Logo and business card
4. Questionnaire
If having something to point out, mail to Hatano.

June 26th

At Building 1, Room 0112
1. Introduction for questionnaire
2. Video Movie
Choose casts.
3. Open Campus
Begin to write text.
4. Safety
Translate into English (Murakami, Yamauchi)

Edited by Kazuko

June 29th

At LaboratryB 3F of library
1. Questionnaire
Change a part of introduction.
2. Video Movie
Make a video in summer vacation.
Continue to discuss about contents and casts.
3. Open Campus
Make panels by 7/29.
4. Wiki page
Add a page about photo gallery.

Edited by Yohei