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July 3rd
At the library
We talked about our logo. Its image is like a classical Japanese family crest.
Art-course students made the logo of a different version (overhead-view version of Drosophila) from that on July 10th.

We corrected mistakes of the questionnaire. We have to find people who are likely to fill out our questionnaire (especially at the offices).

On July 13th : the last meeting before periodical exams
On July 15th : deadline of Description
Oct 5th~Oct 8th : Asia Jamboree

We decided to take photos related with iGEM and send to Dropbox.
By Kazuko

July 6th
In classroom 0221 of the 2nd Bldg.
1. Questionnaire
We finally completed our questionnaire!
When we distribute this, we can change only its introduction according to personal matters.

2. Wiki
In order to decide the layout, each of us has to look back past wiki pages.
We’ll discuss more in detail with art-course students next Tuesday.

3. Open campus
We almost completed the panel for KIT open campus.

4. Contact
Students who are going to join Asia Jamboree have to mail to Shunji.

We got a new twitter account of KIT-Kyoto12 ! (
By Megumi

July 10th
At the library
1. Logo
We talked about our logo.

2. Wiki
Its image is Japanese style. Our image color is light purple and pink. Art-course students have to make the top images.
By Kazuko

July 13th
At the library
We talked about logo and wiki.
Today's meeting is the last one in the first semester. Good luck!
By Megumi