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August 7th

At the library
1. Wiki
 When the lab note is uploaded into Dropbox, we have to translate into English (We don’t decide who should    translate it.)

2. Logo
 We need more discussion!

3. Movie
 B1 students must prepare a draft.

4. Questionnire
 We should collaborate with other universities.

By Megumi

August 20th

At the library
1.We allotted a part to each member.
 Wiki Kazuko, Kouji and Yu.H.
 (Translate Meeting, Protocol and lab note into English.)
 Poster Yuichi, Megumi and Ginga
 (See 2010, 2011 best posters!)
 Presentation Yohei, Masahiro and Yuki
 (introduction from 5 to 10 pages)
 All works have to be reported on August 29th.

 We’ll make our team T-shirt. Art-course students will help make poster and powerpoint.

By Kazuko

August 29th

At the library
1. Presentation by B1 students
 About poster by Ginga and Megumi
 About KIT by Masahiro
 About movie by Yohei

2. Wiki
 We decided our logo!
 We have to translate the documents into English until each deadline.

 We have to consider the title when the abstract is completed.

By Megumi