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Human Practice

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We made an experiment every day. It was process of trial and error.

Creating parts of Methylation and Azurin

Date:8/9 PCR
Date:8/10 Electrophoresis
Date:8/13 Electrophoresis and The refinement of DNA,PCR
Date:8/14 Transformation
Date:8/16 Blue white selection and Miniprep,Colony PCR
Date:8/17 Electrophoresis and Colony PCR
Date:8/18 PCR and Electrophoresis
Date:8/20 Extraction and the refinement of DNA
Date:8/21 PCR and Electrophoresis,Transformation
Date:8/22 Electrophoresis
Date:8/23 PCR
Date:8/25 Miniprep and Restriction enzyme processing
Date:8/27 Electrophoresis
Date:8/28 Electrophoresis and The refinement of DNA,PCR
Date:8/29 Electrophoresis
Date:8/30 Electrophoresis and The refinement of DNA
Date:9/1 Extraction of DNA
Date:9/2 Redesign of the primer
Date:9/3 PCR and Restriction enzyme processing,Electrophoresis
Date:9/5 Miniprep
Date:9/6 Electrophoresis
Date:9/10 Colony PCR
Date:9/12 Miniprep
Date:9/14 PCR
Date:9/15 Restriction enzyme processing
Date:9/16 PCR
Date:9/17 PCR
Date:9/19 PCR and Restriction enzyme processing
Date:9/20 Ligation
Date:9/22 Transformation
Date:9/23 PCR and Electrophoresis
Date:9/24 Ligation
Date:9/25 Transformation
Date:9/27 Miniprep and Electrophoresis

Creating parts of Tar

Date:9/13 PCR and Colony PCR
Date:9/14 Electrophoretic confirmation
Date:9/15 Restriction enzyme processing
Date:9/16 Electrophoresis of the restriction enzyme processing product and Restriction enzyme processing
Date:9/17 Refinement of DNA and Ligation,Transformation
Date:9/18 Making of a master plate and Preculture,Recultivation
Date:9/19 Colony PCR and Electrophoresis
Date:9/20 Ligation and Transformation
Date:9/21 Inoculation
Date:9/22 Making of a master plate and Colony PCR,Electrophoresis,Preculture
Date:9/23 Electrophoretic confirmation and Electrophoresis of the PCR
Date:9/24 Miniprep and Electrophoresis
Date:9/25 PCR of the miniprep product and Electrophoresis

Creating parts of EnvZ

Date:9/10 Design of the primer and PCR,Elecrtophoresis,Miniprep
Date:9/13 PCR and Elecrtophoresis
Date:9/18 Design of the primer
Date:9/19 PCR and Elecrtophoresis
Date:9/20 Restriction enzyme processing
Date:9/21 Ligation and PCR,Elecrtophoresis
Date:9/23 PCR
Date:9/24 The refinement of DNA and Restriction enzyme processing,Ligation
Date:9/25 Transformation
Date:9/26 Liquid culture