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The JHU 2012 iGEM software team is funded by a grant from Autodesk IDEAStudio program, Johns Hopkins Student Initiatives Fund, Johns Hopkins Department of Biomedical Engineering, Johns Hopkins Department of Computer Science and Johns Hopkins High Throughput Biology Center. The team conceived the idea, developed the research plan and drove the project. One of the team members, Album Shen, spent 1 month of residency in Autodesk to work on the Cloud computing part of the project, and received great mentorship from the Autodesk team.

Autogene utilizes Autodesk's Saturn and Cyborg platforms and the open source libraries used in this project include biojava, cgview, csv parser, libSBOLj, and jaligner

Autodesk Software

  • Autodesk Cyborg is a meta-platform that accelerates the introduction of new design products in life sciences and beyond.
  • Autodesk Saturn is a framework and infrastructure for elastic cloud computing and multi-objective optimization.

  • Autogene

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