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Our team conducted a survey in & around our college. We came up with a lot of interesting answers and ideas. We explained synthetic biology to them in great details and shared their inputs regarding how it can be made safer for the environment and how to make public more open to the idea of synthetic biotechnology.

These were the certain questions on which we focused?

Some Unique answers :

  1. Biotechnologists are people who repair hospital equipment.
  2. Biotechnology and Electronics are the similar

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Some interesting ideas put forward by people :

1. Creation of a superhero
2. Growing plants in air
3. Building homes on the moon
4. Jumping bacteria
5. Create fairies
6. Microbes as servants
7. Synthetic Biofuels
8. Flying Cars
9. Green Chemicals form agricultural wastes

How to make Synthetic Biology safer??

Spreading awareness regarding the ethical issues.
1. Use of negative control
2. Prevent horizontal gene transfer
3. Prevent biomagnification
4. Inhibit use of synthetic biology by terrorists.
5. Spreading awareness regarding the ethical issues.