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Team Ivy Tech


We are undergraduate students in the Biotech and Nanotech at Ivy Tech Community College. We have had the invaluable experience of working as undergrads on real world problems in a lab setting that many in our positions don’t get. We value the guidance and instruction given by Professor Twaddle and the experience gained by completing our first genetic engineering competition. File:IvyTech-South Bend logo.png
Team IvyTech-South_Bend

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Who we are

The Team:

  • Instructor : George Twaddle
  • Undergrad: Alice Do
  • Undergrad: Irene Fahrberger
  • Undergrad: Andrea Hakaj
  • Undergrad: Christopher Moseti


  • Student 1: Heather Fick
  • Student 2: Rhene Geldner
  • Student 3: Arika Haines
  • Student 4: Jennifer Parra
  • Student 5: Floyd Dixon

== What we did

Under the guidance of Professor Twaddle we engineered a device built in E. Coli to detect and signal the presence of arsenic in water supplies.

Where we're from

IvyTech Community College in Beautiful South Bend, Indiana
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