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Team IvyTech-South Bend would sincerely like to thank both the Gronigen and Edinburh teams for submitting sequences for the E. coli arsenic sensitive promoters and the gene sequence for the arsenic represser. Our project and subsequent constructions was made feasible by their BBa_K190015 and BBa_J33201 parts. We would like to also thank the Endy lab for the construction of the mRFP1 promoter testing vector BBa-J61002 which was instrumental in revealing the effect of the ArsR repressor on the threshold of pArs. All of the technical achievements claimed by the team was the result of contributions of each team member, often working in parallel to construct or test parts. Particular credit goes to the senior members of the team: Irene Fahrberger and her huge supply of competent cells and unquenchable energy, and Andrea Hakaj, Chris Moseti, and Alice Do for establishing the initial direction of the project. Floyd Dixon gets the credit for this wiki, as it is... To Professor Twaddle, who provided the big picture constantly and was a never ending source of warnings about technical pitfalls and of course for his "word smithing," we, the team have unending thanks.

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