Team:HokkaidoU Japan/Notebook/plastic Week 7


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August 16th


A PCR of pGEM to get linear PhaA and PhaB using Laury primer and X-PhaA-up-F, S-PhaA-dw-R, X-PhaB-up-F, S-PhaB-dw-R.

pGEM(pGEM 1ul + DW 9ul) 1 ul
up primer(10mM) 1 ul
down primer(10mM) 1 ul
25mM MgSO4 3 ul
2mM sNTPs 5 ul
KOD plus neo 1ul
10xPCR buffer 5 ul
DW 33 ul

PCR:60sec, 30 cycle 1h8m

Did not work well?

August 17th


We confirmed success of PCR of yesterday by electrophoresis.

Gel extraction

The plasmids done PCR were extracted from TBE gel, and then we got 50 ul DNA solutions.

August 18th

Calculation of concentration for digestion