Team:HokkaidoU Japan/Notebook/plastic Week 6


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August 6th

polymer extract

@Taguchi lab

  1. sample1 JM109 culture from July18th 1.4643g , 0.0054 (tube+polymer , polymer)
  2. sample2 JM109 culture from July18th 1.4642g , 0.0040
  3. sample3 DH5a 1.4666g , 0.0056


Inoculate from three different plates(Name it 1,2,3)
Culture in media of LB 150microL+Amp1.5microL
30℃ 20:00-7th10:00

August 10th


We did the method of mini-prep for BBa_K342001(PhaC). We used FastGene Plasmid Mini Kit(Nippon Genetics) and got 50 ul of DNA solutions.

August 11th

sequencing reaction

We took the sequence of phaC.