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Team:HKUST-Hong Kong -


Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
2012 iGEM Team

We are proud to say that 2012 HKUST iGEM Team is a large scale of staunch undergraduate students. With 21 members on hand, we form a big team of which we refer as a family. This year, our team aim to accomplish an ambitious plan, which comprises of different components. We divided our team into three sub-groups to build different constructs for each components; making our plan possible to be completed. The first sub-group, Cell Wall Binding System, is responsible for making the binding of the bacterium to the colon cancer cell possible. While Protein Synthesis sub-group focuses on the secretion of anti-tumor chemokine; Cell Growth Inhibition sub-group develops constructs to achieve biosafety by putting the life of the bacterium under control. These three sub-groups’ works, when combined, completes the whole system of drug delivery by microorganism of which we have carefully planned. In addition to the wet lab groups, we are grateful to have members who work diligently in finishing several essential things, such as Wiki Page, T-shirt, Mascot and Poster.