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     <td width="189" valign="top"><p>Division of    Life Science, HKUST<strong> </strong></p></td>
     <td width="189" valign="top"><p>Division of    Life Science, HKUST<strong> </strong></p></td>
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Team:HKUST-Hong Kong -


2012 HKUST iGEM team would like to express our gratitude to the following individuals, institutions, organizations and companies. Without their kindly help and great support, our team can hardly have today’s achievement.
Acknowledgement of wet lab:




Professor Wan-Keung R. WONG
Dr. Yule Yue WANG

sharing experience and information in Bacillus subtilis engineering

Division of life science, HKUST

Dr. Sui-Lam WONG

Providing us valuable suggestions on choosing cell wall displaying system

Department of Biological Science, U. Calgary,.

Ciarán CONDON, who

Providing us plasmid pMUTIN-ydcD, pDG148-ydcD and pDG148-ydcE.

Institut de Biologie Physico-Chimique

Professor Pingbo HUANG,

Providing HBE16 cell for our characterization work.

Division of Life Science, HKUST

Institution/ organization


2010 Imperial college of London iGEM team

Sharing detailed information on their project with us.

Prince Wales Hospital

Providing us the cell line HT29, colon adenocarcinoma, for our characterization work.

Bacillu Genetic Stock Center

Providing us two strains of Bacillus and two integration vectors for our construction


Acknowledgement of Human Practice:




Miranda FUNG

Helping us contact local politicians and journalists. Giving us the contact information of Mr. Shum and Ms. Leung.

School of Science, HKUST, Hong Kong.


Our interviewee – the politician.

The Democratic Party, Wong Tai Sin District Councilor, Hong Kong


Our interviewee – the journalist.

Reporter of Next Media, Hong Kong

Benjamin AU

Our interviewee – the university student.

BBA student, year 02, HKUST, Hong Kong.

Maurice SIU

Our interviewee – the secondary school student.

F.4. Student (High school year 1), Ying Wa College, Hong Kong.


Helping us with the presentation.

Head of Service, Hong Kong Cancer Fund, Hong Kong.

HSUEH Shiao Kuan

Helping us with the presentation.

Head of Wellness
and Holistic Health Care, Hong Kong Cancer Fund, Hong Kong.

Raymond CHAN

Helping us with the presentation.

Supervisor, Hong Kong Cancer Fund, Hong Kong.