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iGEM Groningen 2012 wants to thank everybody who helped us during the project, especially:

Our supervisors and advisors

Leen van Wijngaarden and Jan Kiel for making it possible that we could paint Bio art

Ger Telkamp for providing us with lab equipment

Sjoerd Murris, Science Linx - Summerschool

Monique Smith and Prof. A.J. Minnaard for their help with the Gas Chromatography -Mass Spectrometry experiments and the data analysis.

We were advised by Dr. J. Lolkema and Prof. dr. ir. J.D van Elsas concerning our safety page.

Gert-Jan Euverink for providing us with ideas for the sticker material.

Jan-Willem Veening, Tonia, Katrin because of their advice how to use the fluorescence microscope

Anne de Jong, who advised us on the microarray experiments.

Anne Hesseling, for her help with finances.

Martijn Herber, Wout Overkamp, Jeroen Siebring and many others of Molecular Genetics