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Groningen2012 Renske.jpg

Renske van Raaphorst: Secretary, PR

Study: Renske did a Bachelor Molecular Life Sciences in at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, and is now doing a Master Molecular Biology & Biotechnology at the RuG as well.

Role in iGEM: Renske tends to stick her nose in everything. All the weird lab experiments tend to be performed by Renske (but she only did some cloning in the end of the iGEM summer). Further, she's in charge of the education/human practice part of iGEM.

Special lab power: Renske is a magnet for spillings. When someone else spills something in the lab, it most likely ends up in Renske's face, on her hands, etc, etc...

Further: When she's not doing stuff for iGEM, she's most likely jamming with her band "Frankly no Helix".