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1.) pSac-CM isolated yield 200ng/ul
2.) Gel run of gradient PCR. All primers can amplify their fragments in all temperatures: 150alsTF+Rev amplifies 150bp fragment, 250alsTF+Rev amplifies 250bp fragment, 300alsTF+Rev amplifies 300bp fragment, and 500alsTF+Rev amplifies 500bp fragment. Optimal annealing temperature: 58 degree celcius until 60 degree celcius, for all primer sets.
3.) B.subtilis transformation yesterday was a success for pSac-CM. Both methods show transformants. For BBa_I742123: both methods show no transformant. This is not expected. Ask team Edinburgh?

Purified cDNA as [[Team:Groningen/Notebook/Wetwork_5July2012|previously]]. Concentrations far too low (22.1 ng/uL). RNA degraded? Wrong handling? --> Ask Arjan to repeat work on Monday.

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