Team:Groningen/Notebook/Wetwork 2September2012


o/n culture of BBa_K823024+reporters (lycopene, amilGFP, GFP). No BBa_823024+amilCP grown in plate agar.

Ligation of pSac-Cm+fnr and pSac-Cm+sboA promoter with reporters.
PCR all reporters (lycopene, amilCP, amilGFP)

pSac-Cm + GFP opt. for B. subtilis has been ligated. Checked with PCR

Plasmid isolation:
1. BBa_K823024 + amilCP
2. BBa_K823024 + GFP (yellow colonies!)
3. BBa_K823024 + lycopene (80% red pellet)
4. pSac-Cm + lycopene + lacI promoter (1 red pellet)
5. pSac-Cm + carotenoid + lacI (1 yellow pellet)
6. pSac-Cm + amilGFP

Check with EcoRI and PstI. Result: 2 plasmids of BBa_K823024+GFP are in the correct size!

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