Team:Groningen/Notebook/Wetwork 27June2012



Plasmid isolation of LuxR (BBa_R0062), LuxI (BBa_J37034) and backbone (BBa_090403) biobricks.

Plasmid concentrations: LuxR (1) = 99.3 ng/ul, LuxR (2) = 164.3 ng/ul, LuxI (1) = 69.9 ng/ul , LuxI (2) = 130.6 ng/ul, backbone = 63.0 ng/ul.


1.) Order SpeI and EcoRI FastDigest Fermentas
2.) Order Plamid High Pure purification kit Roche
3.) B. subtilis transformation with BBa_K090403
4.) Digestion of pigment genes from their backbones with EcoRI and SpeI. Result: the pigments genes are in correct length.
5.) Digestion of BBa_K090403. Result: incorrect length.

MicroArray experiment: preparations


Made setup for the micro-array experiment:
37 degrees room. Flask with 50 mL culture
of Bacillus subtilis sp. 168,
connected with tubes to 100 mL flask
with rotting/fresh meat.
Filters and peristaltic pump inbetween.
Culture is stirred by a magnetic stirrer.

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