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Tom and Arjan continued with GC. Problems with temperature settings. Made methode with 140C incubation temp. for 90 minutes. Due software problem first run was not completed. New run was set for O/n. The results were not satisfactory.

Ismaêl and Wlada got an appointment with Professor Gert-Jan Euverink about the materials we might use for our sticker design. He wants to help us finding the right companies to collaborate with on a design.


Digestion reaction for pSB1C3-GFP-alsTpromoter

All three incubated at 37C for 15 minutes,continue with 80C 10 minutes in the thermocycler for inactivation.

Ligation pSB1C3-GFP-alsTpromoter

Make ratio backbone: insert gene= 1:4

Incubate at 25C for 10 minutes, continue with 80C 20 minutes in the thermocycler for inactivation.

E.coli DH5a transformation with the ligation product

Expectations are to have white colonies from the transformation

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