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E.Coli with alsT promotor and GFP (colonies: 150-1, 300-1, 300-2, 300-3, 300-4) were grown o/n in m9 medium, illuted to OD=0.1 and grown for 2.5 hours. Samples were prepared of OD=0.05 and divided in 96-well plate. GFP fluorescence was measured o/n.

No GFP was seen for all the samples.


Made minimal components medium based upon Jon's modeling data ("Jon's broth")

Glucose: 10 g/L
Potassium: 0.2 g/L
Glutamine: 0.1 g/L

Liquid culture of promising pFNR+Lycopene colony had no growth. A few subcultures show no pink color, indicating an insert in the vector. Liquid cultures prepared of these colonies.

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