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Groningen2012 JP 20120509 bsc Reaction Map v0.png

Modeling Targets


  1. Effects of h2o and L-alanine concentrations on germination rate.

Volatile production

  1. Concentration and production rates as a function of temperature, volume, type of meat, geometry. (EX_amine, EX_nh4, EX_h)

Normal operation

  1. Receptor sensitivities
    • Binding rate as a function of volatile concentration (TAAR5)
  2. Diffusion rates
    • Through the membrane (nh4_diffusion, h_diffusion)
    • Through ion channels (nh4_ion)
  3. Reaction rates through the signaling pathways as a function of metabolite concentrations (path1,path2,path3)
  4. Carotenoid pathway precursor concentrations as a function of the signaling pathways. (IPP,DMAPP)
  5. Reaction rates of the carotenoid pathway metabolites (crtE, crtB, crtI, crtY)
  6. Opacity as a function of lycopene concentration

OMIX visualization through reaction pathways