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The salicylate reporter is analogous to the arsenic reporter, but with a salicylate-sensitive promoter. That is, in the presence of salicylate it will produce MtrB, completing the Mtr pathway and allowing Shewanella to produce current in our biosensor. In combination with the nah operon, this reporter will be able to detect naphthalene levels. Back to salicylate reporter week view

July 15th-21st

July 15th

Dylan noticed that we had colonies on the plates re-streaked from the original plates of conjugated S. oneidensis. He started overnight cultures of S20 (strain list) in kanamycin so that we can sequence and make glycerol stocks. He also started overnight cultures of w.t. S. oneidensis to innoculate into new reactors in Riley Robb, which will be used as positive controls.

July 16th

The overnight cultures of S. oneidensis need more time to grow - overnight cultures of these leisurely bacteria should be started at noon the previous day, instead of in the evening as with speedy E. coli.