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Copper Experiments 1
Friday, June 22nd
Outline of activity today:
• Met with Jason, who showed us how to make A. ferrooxidans liquid media, prepared Copper 1 and 2
samples (with and without bacteria) and placed on shaker. Will be periodically checked until June 25
twice a day for activity.
• Showed us recipe for solid media, and made enough for two samples, 20 mL (one control with no
bacteria). Copper samples were submerged in agarose (see Steven’s pictures). Also learned protocols
listed below.
Starting Sample masses:
Sample Mass (g)
1 0.0092
2 0.0107
Sample Mass (g)
1 0.1318
2 0.1286

Copper 2: (solid media)
Sample Mass (g)
1 0.1272
2 0.1282.

Liquid media and flasks were placed in shaker at 11:35 am, 225 rpm, 30C. Solid media and petri dishes were placed in incubator at 12:42 pm, 30C.</FONT></DIV>