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Social: Schools

The basic objectives of the social activities are the integration of the team with the community as well as the divulgation and teaching of basic concepts in synthetic biology through our project’s idea.

Human Practices Theme Outline: 1. Social General Objective: To approach the coffee farming population in order to establish knowledge exchanging activities between us. Such results may end up useful to our iGEM project field implementation. a. To develop educational activities in rural schools that explain the basic concepts of synthetic biology and its application for an integral plague control plan. b. To evaluate the inclusion of our proposed control system into the regular plague control plans normally carried out by coffee growers. c. To adjust our design and its application proceedings to the coffee growers’ needs, opinions, and daily schedules. Products From working with children - Didactic games - School technical definition notebook - Statistics (from surveys) - Videos

2. Politics General Objective To establish a network of the most important participants regarding the access to genetic resources for research. More specifically, to improve their communication channels in order to strengthen and stimulate a debate that incorporates the most important arguments. The final objective is that of modifying current legislation. a. To query about the current situation regarding the legislative process for carrying out scientific investigation. b. To provide a workshop where the most relevant people around the problem are invited for the formulation of arguments against and in favor of the current legislation. c. To build new proposals to be presented to the according legislative authorities. Products - A networking platform of interface. - A document that illustrates the current situation. - A free-to-enter forum

3. Latin America iGEM Jamboree impact General Objective To measure the impact of the Jamboree in Colombia taking into account the invited teams as well as the related Colombian academic community. The academic, cultural, and integration events shall all be documented, accordingly. a. To register the before, during, and after jamboree opinions of the participants and the Bogotá academic community. b. To make surveys and conferences in other local universities. c. To devise a video survey mechanism to gather the expectations and opinions of the visiting teams. Products - Inverviews and conferences. - Wiki with video and opinions from other teams regarding their expectations of the Jamboree in Colombia, Bogotá as a city, and the overall activity.