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Each team member (Yang, Eric, Jesse and Peter) contributed to multiple parts of the overall project.

All four students brainstormed possible project ideas during the Spring and finally agreed on promoter characterization using fluorogen-activating biosensors.

Yang and Eric kept the notebooks, designed experiments and followed through with the biological experiments (including cloning, culturing the cells, fluorescence spectroscopy and fluorescence microscopy). Yang designed the wiki layout and made modifications as necessary. Eric was a consultant with Peter to incorporate a biologically accurate model. Eric also designed the expanded model with Peter to include more information. Peter designed the model and derived the equations to fit our system and performed the nonlinear regression to attain the data we put onto the Parts Registry. Jesse designed the interactive circuit kit and GUI and provided the open source documentation on the wiki so that other groups may use it as a basis for their own projects.

All four students presented our project and circuit kit throughout the summer. Eric and Peter gave a presentation at Taylor Allderdice High School in Pittsburgh during the academic school year.

The summer experiments were conducted in the Mellon College of Science's Interdisciplinary Laboratory, courtesy of Dr. Karen Stump, Dr. Eric Grotzinger and Dr. Maggie Braun. The experiments during the year were conducted in Dr. Robert Murphy's lab with our team instructor Cheemeng Tan. The fluorescence spectroscopy was performed in the Molecular Biosensors and Imaging Center at Carnegie Mellon and the fluorescence microscopy was performed in Dr. Aaron Mitchell' laboratory.