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Question 1. Style sheet?


Question 2. Header/Footer?

Header Footer

Question 3. Markup?


Question 4. General Helpful References

Look at our page's source to see the different div-id's used. Go through the stylesheet to see how each element is formatted and the end result.

CSS Zen Garden - Great site on styling with very nice examples

Jquery Tools - Toolbox of common JS uses, very thorough demos

Misc Jquery - Links to other popular Jquery based tools

$('#toc').toc({ 'selectors': 'h1,h2,h3', //elements to use as headings 'container': 'body', //element to find all selectors in 'smoothScrolling': true, //enable or disable smooth scrolling on click 'prefix': 'toc', //prefix for anchor tags and class names 'onHighlight': function(el) {}, //called when a new section is highlighted 'highlightOnScroll': true, //add class to heading that is currently in focus 'highlightOffset': 100, //offset to trigger the next headline 'anchorName': function(i, heading, prefix) { //custom function for anchor name return prefix+i; }, 'headerText': function(i, heading, $heading) { //custom function building the header-item text return $heading.text(); } });


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