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Part II Zoologist with a penchant for cheesecake and old Voyager episodes.
I spent the last year doing biochemistry and neuroscience, and will be doing more of that as a part II PDN (Physiology, Development and Neuroscience) student next year, with my main interest in developmental neurobiology. But SynBio is exciting too- so is photography, and baking ;)
Does the picture not tell you everything you need to know?
I have a particular interest in physiology and neuroscience, going into part II PDN (physiology, development and neuroscience) next year. Molecular biology is therefore not really my area of expertise, but I'm keen to learn and I have a steady pipetting hand.
I finished my third year Engineering for the Life Sciences course this year and will be continuing with this for my masters year in October. This is my first major foray into experimental biology and am keen to get as much engineering into the project as possible!
I'm a biologist with an interest in cell biology and biochemistry, although next year I'm specialising in plant sciences which is also very cool. Outside of science I like lots of samba percussion and all kinds of outdoor pursuits.
I'm a biologist mostly interested in cell biology and biochemistry, but also in pathological processes and viruses, both as pathogens and as potential chassis for synthetic systems. Next year I'm going on to a third (and fourth) year of biochemistry, by which point I hope to be able to pipette with two Gilsons simultaneously.


Many thanks to all of the sponsors who have made this project possible. A list of our sponsors is displayed below with links to their webpages.

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