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Risk Assessment

Distribution Kit page A link to the Registry of Standard Biological Parts

Resuspension of BioBricks from the distribution

see Using the Spring 2012 DNA Distribution for a more detailed protocol!

  1. Locate your BioBrick of interest in the Distribution: Spring 2012 Distribution, DNA Part Repositories Make sure the plate is properly orientated! The two notched corners of the plate are oriented at the BOTTOM of the plate.
  2. Pierce foil of required well and pipette 10µL dH2O (distilled water).
  3. Pipette up and down several times to fully resuspend the DNA sample. Sit for 10 minutes.
  4. The BioBrick is now ready for transformation

Making Biobricks

Linearised Plasmid Backbone

BioBrick standards Resources from the Registry of Standard Parts

Biobrick assembly Resources from

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