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Making LB Agar plates


Prepare liquid broth (LB) from liquid broth capsules and distilled water.

Making LB Agar (15%)

1. In a 1 litre bottle, add 3.75g of Agar powder to 250ml LB
2. Autoclave to sterilize
3. These can be stored and heated up to make plates when needed


Different antibiotics will have different optimum concentrations

Chloramphenicol (25mg/ml)

Add 250mg to Chloramphnicol to 10ml ethanol (100%). Use 1ml for 1 litre of LB Agar to make final concentration 25ug/ml plates.

Making LB Agar Plates

1. Cool down/heat up LB agar to approx. 55 degrees Celsius
2. In a flow hood, add 250ul antibiotics to 250ml LB agar; mix
3. Pour approx. 25ml into each plate
4. Wait approx. 30 mins for plates to set
5. Store in 4 degrees Celsius fridge for future use

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