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The Model

We are currently working on a model for our anti-biofilm project. It is a matlab based model which uses the finite difference method to calculate key factors in the model such a luminescence output, AHL concentration, Nutrient concentration, and Number of cells. While the model is still very hypothetical due to lack of hard data, it displays the trends which we expected from a quorum sensing bioluminencent system like the vibro fisheri. Once our experiments get underway, we will be able to fine tune the model, and then add the compounds we create to the model. The scales are all off and its still in its infancy, but here's a peek at the results we've gotten from modeling:

As you can see from the above graphs, the model demonstrates several important aspects of the system, such as the phases of cell growth, and the quorum sensing light production. It also incorporates the vibrio fisheri's positive feedback AHL loop, the steady state intermediary values for the transcription and translation processes, and the complex dynamics of nutrient consumptions (modeled here as just sugar).

This will be updated as we get results from our plate reader experiments, but for now this gives us a base point from which we can examine our results and look for unanticipated behavior.