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British Columbia -
UBC iGEM 2012 notebook

Welcome to our Notebook!

Our Notebook is sorted by sub-project. Please use the menu to navigate through our Notebook entries and follow our progress over the year.

UBC iGEM Life chronicles the conferences, socials and life outside-of-the-lab of our team.

Biobrick Construction describes how our team build our parts and improved existing parts from the Parts Registry.

Bio-Desulfurization recounts the steps our team took to distribute and assess the efficiency of the DSZ bio-desulfurization pathway in a microbial consortia.

Consortia Dynamics details our team's efforts in measuring population ratios within microbial consortia based on fluorescence readings.

Consortia Tunability elucidates our team's progress in creating easily tunable microbial consortia based on interdependent auxotrophies.