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BostonU iGEM Team: Welcome

MoClo Kit

    One of our major contributions to the iGEM community is the submission of a MoClo Kit to the Registry. This kit is the summation of our MoClo Level 0 parts and Destination Vectors. For Level 0 parts, we currently have 17 promoters, 5 ribosomal bindiing sites, 3 genes, and 1 terminator. We are still working on expanding that list and will have updated numbers at the Jamboree.

    At the time of the Wiki Freeze, our submitted parts included:

    We plan to add more parts to our Kit after the freeze, despite knowing that those parts will not be included in the judging for the competition. These include all Level 2 Destination Vectors and some other parts that we failed to amplify this summer due to particularly troublesome PCRs (including repressible and inducible promoters and more genes). We hope to have some of those parts finished by the Regional Jamboree.