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BostonU iGEM Team: Welcome


    Densmore Laboratory: Cross-disciplinary Integration of Design Automation Research (CIDAR)

      Professor Douglas Densmore (Faculty Sponsor)

      Dr. Swapnil Bhatia and Dr. Ernst Oberortner
      Jenhan Tao and Janoo Fernandes
      And the rest of the CIDAR team for helping us throughout the summer!

    Voigt Lab at MIT

      Dr. Michael Smanski for supplying us with the plasmid we used to amplify lacZ

    Semrau Lab at University of Michigan

      Dr. Alexey Vorobev for supplying us with the Methylosinus trichosporium OB3b genomic DNA

    Somerville High School

      Mr. Christopher Angelli for his assistance with our Human Practices project

    Other iGEM Teams

      The Wellesley HCI iGEM Team for their collaboration this summer and participating in NEGEM
      The MIT iGEM Team for organizing the Gingko Bioworks Tour and participating in NEGEM
      The Brown students from the Stanford-Brown iGEM Team for participating in NEGEM


    All of the lab work shown in the team notebook was done by Shawn and Monique. They also used Clotho and Eugene themselves, with some initial instruction from Jenhan Tao and Ernst Oberortner from the CIDAR lab.

    The team mentors and adviser primarily offered instruction in protocols and troubleshooting guidance for the wet lab work conducted.

    Sonya and Swati, two of the team mentors, taught Shawn and Monique the wet lab protocols and helped them troubleshoot problems with their methods (including PCR, cloning, and gel electrophoresis) throughout the summer. Sonya built the B0032 inverter.

    Evan, the third team mentor, helped Monique run the characterization experiments. Specifically, he ran the flow cytometer with Monique as only graduate students and above are allowed to run the instrument independently. Monique set up the cultures and conducted the characterization experiments and analysis under Evan's guidance.

    Traci, the team adviser, oversaw the team's work and experiments throughout the summer. Specifically, she taught Shawn and Monique how to design primers and run MoClo reactions. Traci also taught them some of the protocols they used in their research and helped them troubleshoot some of their PCR and cloning problems. Traci built the B0034 inverter.

    The website template is from our 2011 iGEM team's wiki page (BU Wellesley Software). Traci edited the css file and created the new pages for this year's wiki. It was a full team effort to fill in the various Wiki pages.


    We'd like to thank all of our sponsors for their generous support. Without the support from the following Boston University departments and various industrial companies, we never would have been able to compete in iGEM.

    Thank you very much!