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Note Book - iGEM Bordeaux 2012

Day 24 : 06-08-2012

As the transformation didn't gave any colonies on the plate We decided to try again , and control on agarose gel as the gel seemed promising we transformed 2 μL of plasmid DNA We also tester the cells competence by transforming 1μg of pBlueScript and pSB1A3.

Day 25 : 31-07-2012

No colonies on the plates again ... even on the two tests we clearly have a competence issue. So we need to make a new stock today we tested the biobricks from day 19 on agarose gels

We checked the restrictions of I.A and I.C

They seem to have worked well.

Day 23 : 03-08-2012

Today we digested and ligated Biobricks IA and IB.
We then transformed the plasmids by electroporation.