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Systems and Synthetic Biology Lab

During the summer we worked with our lead instructor, Agustino Martínez-Antonio PhD in the Systems and Synthetic Biology Lab in the installations of the Center for Research and Advanced Studies at Irapuato (Cinvestav) located in Guanajuato Mexico (4 hours distance to Mexico City).

BioINGENios is a group of work at Cinvestav Irapuato whose primary mission is to contribute to the advance of basic research and their applications, we also continuously are training future researchers with these aims in their minds.
This vocation is powered by a team who study operative principles and mechanisms that drive the function of single-cell organisms and uses this knowledge and their ingenious creativity to bioengineer new genetic circuits and cellular prototypes with improved/desired properties and the construction of new biological modules and biosystems.

After and before the summer we worked in 3 different labs:

Conservation Medicine Lab at Superior School for Medicine (IPN) with our instructor Paola Zárate-Segura PhD
Photosynthetic bacteria lab at Cell Phisiology Institute (UNAM) with our instructor Fernando Suaste-Olmos
Protein Engineering Lab at Chemistry Institute (UNAM). with our instructor Nuria Sánchez-Puig