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<td>Deadline <strong> changed</strong> for <a href="Pre-regional_Jamboree#2"> Regional Jamboree attendance fee</a> , <a href="pre-jamboree#6">Track selection</a>, <a href="pre-jamboree#7">Project abstracts</a>, <a href="pre-jamboree#8">Team rosters</a>, <a href="pre-jamboree#9">Safety questions</a></td>
<td>Deadline <strong> changed</strong> for <a href="Jamboree/Pre-regional_Jamboree#2"> Regional Jamboree attendance fee</a> , <a href="Jamboree/Pre-regional_Jamboree#6">Track selection</a>, <a href="Jamboree/Pre-regional_Jamboree#7">Project abstracts</a>, <a href="Jamboree/Pre-regional_Jamboree#8">Team rosters</a>, <a href="Jamboree/Pre-regional_Jamboree#9">Safety questions</a></td>

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    iGEM Asia Jamboree 2012 will be hosted in Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Poster

    About the Host

    Welcome to HKUST!

    Welcome to Hong Kong


    Everything that's happening before that you should take note of!


    Vital information to help you survive iGEM asia...

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