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iGEM Americas West


Jamboree Schedule

The schedule is also available as a PDF file.

Team Boxes

Your team box will be available at registration on Friday, October 12, 2012 and will contain the following:

  • Team member badges
  • Map of iGEM events
  • Team member certificates
  • Americas West Region Jamboree Handbook
  • Program & Schedule
  • Team-Specific Information
  • Lunch Information
  • iGEM 2012 Social Event Information
  • Internet Connection Instructions
  • Sponsor Information
  • Other Information
Notes: Team leaders are responsible for picking up team boxes and ensuring individual team members receive the necessary materials. iGEM staff requests that ONLY the team leader picks up the materials. Signed general release forms are required to receive registration materials and name badges therefore team leaders should be prepared to turn in the all team members’ forms when registering on-site for the jamboree.


You will receive your name badge as part of your team box, as long as you have submitted your general release form. Please wear your badge at all times during the Americas West Region Jamboree and make sure it is clearly visible. Badges are necessary for entrance into presentation rooms, for access to food, and for the iGEM social event. If you do not have a badge, you must register in order to obtain one.

Team Spirit

At the Americas West Region Jamboree you will be representing your team, university, and country, so why not show off! Designing team t-shirts is always a good idea, and here at iGEM HQ we encourage you to wear them. They also make for a particularly nice iGEM from Above photograph as well. Wear your school colors, your team's name, or give a nod to your team's sponsors. We also encourage you to find new ways to showcase your team spirit.

Practice Session

Teams are encouraged to practice their presentations on Friday, October 12 at Stanford University.

sign up here

Getting Around Stanford & Palo Alto

See the map of iGEM events on Stanford campus.

There is a free shuttle bus service to take you around campus and to several off-campus destinations including downtown Palo Alto.

There will also be a shuttle service between the hotels and the Jamboree area on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Click here for the shuttle schedule.

Parking is free on campus after 4pm on Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday - Parking Structure 6 is marked on the map, and is the closest parking structure to the event.

Poster Presentations

Each team is required to present a poster at the Americas West Region Jamboree. The poster session is on Saturday, October 13. Your team will be randomly assigned poster a location according to track. Please see your poster information sheet, in your team box, for your team’s specific location.

The poster must be no larger than 4 ft (48 in, 121.92 cm) by 4 ft (48 in, 121.92cm). Each team may only put up ONE poster. The poster should be hung up on one of the poster stands provided.

Push pins will be provided at the poster stands and are to be affixed to each poster board. Please only use the push pins. Do not use tape. Teams can setup their posters beginning at 8am on Saturday, October 13, 2012.

Poster judges will be roaming all day Saturday. The poster reception will be held Saturday, October 13.

Posters must be removed immediately following the poster reception on Saturday. Please be sure to remove your poster at the end of the reception because any remaining posters will not be saved.


Each team has 20 minutes of presentation time, 5 minutes for questions and answers, and 5 minute to switch with the next presenters. Please be sure to bring the necessary equipment for your presentation, such as your laptop, cables/adaptors, and power supply, as iGEM HQ will not provide these.

Your team’s scheduled presentation time, slot, session, and room will be randomly assigned within your track. Please see your team box for information on when and where your team will be presenting.

In each room, the presentations will be divided into sessions with each session comprised of three separate presentations. Each of the three presentations given during a session will be of the same ‘track’. If you are attending the presentations, please stay for the whole session and only leave the room during the scheduled breaks.

iGEM Social Event

The social event will be held at Jimmy V's Sports Cafe on Stanford campus. Join us for a BBQ meal as well as a sundae bar! There will also be an opportunity to display your DJ skills, so be sure to bring your iPod!

A shuttle will be available between Jimmy V's and Munger at the beginning of the social event, and between Jimmy V's and the event hotels at the end. Be sure to check out the shuttle schedule!

Awards Ceremony

The awards ceremony will be held on Sunday, October 14.

iGEM West from Above

After the finalists have given their presentations on Sunday we will be taking the 2012 iGEM Americas West Region from Above picture! Make sure to wear your iGEM team t-shirt! See your team box for additional information and the exact location.


This year we are once again designating achievements for documentation of your project and contributions to the synthetic biology community. These achievements are signified by a bronze, silver, or gold medal seal, which each team member can adhere to their participatory certificate. These designations will be based on their performance in the online judging round (online judging occurs in the week directly before the Jamboree).

Criteria for each medal level are listed on

Team Leaders can pick up their team medals (one for each member on the official roster) on Sunday afternoon after the awards ceremony. It is intended that your medal seal be placed on your participation certificate (for each team member).


Awards will be presented at the awards ceremony on Sunday, October 14. Each team that wins an award will receive an award certificate for each team member, which will be sent to each team after the Jamboree. These award certificates are separate from the participation certificates that all iGEM teams receive from their team box. For a complete list of awards visit

Emergency Situation

If there is an emergency (medical, fire, police, etc.), please dial 911 and alert a Jamboree staff member:

  • Kitwa Ng +1-646-250-1012
  • Brigid Neff +1-650-308-6115
  • Meagan Lizarazo +1-617-949-6421