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iGEM Europe

Jamboree Schedule

Click here for a Jamboree schedule with track assignments and presentation times.

Team Boxes

Your team box will be available at registration on Friday, October 12, 2012 and will contain the following:

  • Team member badges
  • Map of iGEM events
  • Team member certificates
  • Americas East Region Jamboree Handbook
  • Program & Schedule
  • Team-Specific Information
  • Lunch Information
  • iGEM 2012 Social Event Information
  • Internet Connection Instructions
  • Sponsor Information
  • Other Information
Notes: Team leaders are responsible for picking up team boxes and ensuring individual team members receive the necessary materials. iGEM staff requests that ONLY the team leader picks up the materials. Signed general release forms are required to receive registration materials and name badges therefore team leaders should be prepared to turn in the all team members’ forms when registering on-site for the jamboree.


You will receive your name badge as part of your team box, as long as you have submitted your general release form. Please wear your badge at all times during the Americas East Region Jamboree and make sure it is clearly visible. Badges are necessary for entrance into presentation rooms, for access to food, and for the iGEM social event. If you do not have a badge, you must register in order to obtain one.

Team Spirit

At the Americas East Region Jamboree you will be representing your team, university, and country, so why not show off! Designing team t-shirts is always a good idea, and here at iGEM HQ we encourage you to wear them. They also make for a particularly nice iGEM from Above photograph as well. Wear your school colors, your team's name, or give a nod to your team's sponsors. We also encourage you to find new ways to showcase your team spirit.

Practice Session Sign-up

Teams are encouraged to practice their presentations on Friday, October 12 at Duquesne University beginning at 6:00pm. You can practice your presentation, and get to know fellow iGEM members. There are a limited number of rooms available, so please sign up online to reserve a room and time slot. Practice sessions will run from 6:00pm to 9:00pm, and there will also be pizza, salad and soda provided on a first come, first serve basis. We cannot match the practice room with the room that you will give your presentation in on Sunday.

Note: there will not be technical staff on hand to help with audio/visual equipment. Please leave all presentation rooms in the condition that you found them.

Getting Around DU & Pittsburgh

Getting Around DU
Duquesne University’s 45 buildings are tucked nicely into the city center of downtown Pittsburgh. A little over 10,000 students attend the university and the Duquesne Union which will be the iGEM Hub Space is the heart of the campus. Pittsburgh is a hilly city which is also the case for the university but the campus is compact and very walkable. Because the city is built in the mountains you may enter a building on what you think is the group level when you may actually be on the second floor.

Getting Around Pittsburgh
iGEM attendees who are looking for a lift can take advantage of free underground Port Authority "T" service in the Golden Triangle. In addition, Port Authority bus service is free within Downtown. For a few dollars, attendees can ride the bus to one of Pittsburgh's two operating inclines, which also charge a modest fee. A trip to Mt. Washington via the historic Duquesne Incline or Monongahela Incline provides an old-fashioned thrill that culminates in magnificent views of the city and three rivers.

Pittsburgh also offers "green" transportation options, including ever-increasing numbers of alternative-fuel taxis and limousines-and even bike-powered Pedicabs.

Click here to view a map of the city.

›› Learn more at

Poster Presentations

Each team is required to present a poster at the Americas East Region Jamboree. The poster session is on Saturday, October 13 at the DU Union Building Ballroom. Your team will be randomly assigned a poster location according to track. Please see your poster information sheet, in your team box, for your team’s specific location.

The poster must be no larger than 4 ft (48 in, 121.92 cm) by 4 ft (48 in, 121.92cm). Each team may only put up ONE poster. The poster should be hung up on one of the poster stands provided.

Push pins will be provided at the poster stands and are to be affixed to each poster board. Please only use the push pins. Do not use tape. Teams can setup their posters beginning at 8am on Saturday, October 13, 2012.

Poster judges will be roaming all day Saturday. A green sticker affixed to your poster will indicate that it has been judged. The poster receptions will be held Saturday, October 13 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm in the Ballroom of the DU Union Building.

Posters must be removed immediately following the poster reception on Saturday. Please be sure to remove your poster at the end of the reception because any remaining posters will not be saved.


Each team has 20 minutes of presentation time, 5 minutes for questions and answers, and 5 minute to switch with the next presenters. Please be sure to bring the necessary equipment for your presentation, such as your laptop, cables/adaptors, laser pointers, and power supply, as iGEM HQ will not provide these.

This year there are a total of four presentation rooms located in the Mellon and Bayer Halls on the DU Campus. Your team’s scheduled presentation time, slot, session, and room will be randomly assigned within your track. Please see your team box for information on when and where your team will be presenting.

In each room, the presentations will be divided into sessions with each session comprised of three separate presentations. Each of the three presentations given during a session will be of the same ‘track’. If you are attending the presentations, please stay for the whole session and only leave the room during the scheduled breaks.

iGEM Social Event

On Saturday night after the poster reception, we will be hosting the iGEM Americas East Region Jamboree Social Event at the Carnegie Science Center. The science center is located across from Heinz Stadium on the banks of the Alleghany River. iGEM will be providing transportation to and from the Carnegie Science Center. Please consult your team box for details.

After a long day of presentations, the Jamboree Social Event will be a welcome change, so we highly encourage all iGEM participants to attend and enjoy all the center has to offer. The event will feature food and beverages, a DJ, Omnimax presentations (Born to be Wild), roboworld™ and much more. Don’t miss this opportunity to relax and have fun!

Note: Consult your team box for a flyer including transportation information and details as well as highlights about the Jamboree Social Event.

Awards Ceremony

The awards ceremony will be held on Sunday, October 14 in the Power Center Ballroom* located on the Duquesne Campus (see map for exact location) and will start with breakfast at 8:30am followed by presentations at 9:30am. The judges will announce the four finalists, who will then be asked to give their presentations again. All teams should be prepared to present so be sure to bring the necessary materials with you.

After the finalists have given their presentations, the judges will deliberate and the iGEM from Above picture will be taken! Finally, the award winners will be announced and the Americas East Region Jamboree will officially end.

Note: For guest attendees, entrance to the awards ceremony is not guaranteed, and is dependent on the capacity of the Power Center Ballroom.

* The Power Center Ballroom is located on the top floor of the Power Center and is accessible via elevators from the Power Center foyer or via the Sklar Skywalk located across Forbes Ave from the Forbes Garage. Additional information will be provided in your team box.

iGEM East from Above

After the finalists have given their presentations on Sunday we will be taking the 2012 iGEM Americas East Region from Above picture! The picture will be taken outside the DU Union Building (weather permitting). Make sure to wear your iGEM team t-shirt! See your team box for additional information and the exact location.


This year we are once again designating achievements for documentation of your project and contributions to the synthetic biology community. These achievements are signified by a bronze, silver, or gold medal seal, which each team member can adhere to their participatory certificate. These designations will be based on their performance in the online judging round (online judging occurs in the week directly before the Jamboree).

Criteria for each medal level are listed on

Team Leaders can pick up their team medals (one for each member on the official roster) on Sunday afternoon after the awards ceremony in the Power Center Ballroom. It is intended that your medal seal be placed on your participation certificate (for each team member).


Awards will be presented at the awards ceremony on Sunday, October 14. Each team that wins an award will receive an award certificate for each team member. These award certificates are separate from the participation certificates that all iGEM teams receive from their team box. For a complete list of awards visit


The city of Pittsburgh has a public transportation system that is comprised of trains, buses and taxicabs.

›› Learn more at

Emergency Situation

If there is an emergency (medical emergency, fire, police, etc.) please contact DU campus emergencies numbers:

  • Call COPS (x2677) from campus or 412.396.COPS (2677)