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Judging Assignment

Please login to your Judges Dashboard to see the teams you have been assigned.

Evaluation of teams takes place on the judging ballot forms, which are available through the Judges Dashboard. Your job is to look over wikis, presentations, posters and human practices work done by teams and cast your votes in the online ballot.

Judging Dashboard

When you login to your judging dashboard, you should see the following view:

In my judging dashboard, I'm a member of team Example 2012 and in the past, I was a member of Edinburgh 2006 team. At the bottom of this view is my assignment. As this is a guide, I've only been assigned team "Example".
If you want to add more teams to evaluate, you can do so with the "Add this team" drop down menu. This option might be useful if you're in a presentation by a team not in your original assignment and you want to vote on their presentation.

Evaluating Teams

When you click on a team in your assignment, the voting ballot appears. There is some general information about the team (abstract, etc) at the top of the page and links to the teams Roster, Wiki, Judging Form, Parts and DNA Samples. Below this information is the ballot itself. It is composed of 6 categories:

  • Project
  • Best Wiki
  • Presentation
  • Poster
  • Best Human Practices Advance
  • Best Model

    This guide will only focus on the Project category, but the other categories function in the same manner.

    These 10 aspects were selected to best represent an iGEM project. Each aspect has a language scale from 1 - 6 and NA/No vote. When you click on an aspect, the language choices appear.

    To cast your vote, you click on an aspect and select the language choice you best feel reflects the teams performance. You must click on the language choice within the green box, or your vote will not register. This is the same with comments, if you don't click on a vote or no vote to close the box, your comment won't be saved.

    When you have done that, the language choice you have made appears green next to the aspect. If you have made comments on that aspect, an ellipsis (...) will appear next to the language choice. These comments are only visible to you.

    Once you have evaluated all the aspects for your team, you can complete aspects for the other teams in your assignment. The voting ballot is identical for every team, so once you are familiar with it, evaluations should become simpler and faster.

    Reviewing your Votes

    If you want to look over your votes as a matrix view, there is a link in the top right hand corner of the Ballot. This link toggles the ballot from 'Normal View' to 'Grid View'. In Grid View, all the language choices are visible simultaneously, allowing you to quickly change multiple votes during a presentation or information sharing meeting about the team.

    Judging Handbook - relavent for 2012 Regional Competitions

    The Judging Handbook was created to help answer questions about the new judging system in 2012. It contains information on the initial system deployed for the regional competitions in 2012, but not for the World Championship Jamboree.

    Judges on Campus

    The judges are meeting in at 8 AM on Saturday morning in building 32 (Stata Center). You can see the campus map here:

    The Judges room is 32-141. Room 141 is shown here:

    Teams to Judges and Judges to Teams Assignments

    iGEM 2012 Judges to Teams .pdf

    iGEM 2012 Teams to Judges .pdf