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(Members of the press, please see the | iGEM Press Kit)

If you would like to share an article that was written about iGEM or your iGEM team, please link to it on this page. If you have multiple articles featuring your team, link to them all individually!

Post your official team name, the title of your article, where it was featured, and provide a link to it.

Team iGEM Headquarters: Title of article, Nature, [link]

blogs covering iGEM 2012
Peking2012 iGEM: Peking iGEM, [1]
UANL Mexico: Bio! iGEM Collection, Blogspot, [2]
iGEM Valencia 2012: Synth(ethic) Biology, Wordpress, [3]
TU_Munich: TUM iGEM 2012, [4]

video/radio about iGEM 2012
TU_Munich: LIVE radio interview, Kortex: TUM-Projektteam iGEM 2012 - Bier und synthetische Biologie, M94.5, soundcloud, [5]
TU_Munich: TUM Brew, [6]
Peking2012 iGEM: Human Practices ---"Sowing Tomorrow Synthetic Biologists", [7]
Peking2012 iGEM: Human Practices --- Series Lectures --- Intro to Synthetic Biology, [8]
Peking2012 iGEM: Human Practices --- Series Lectures --- Research guideline of Synthetic Biology, [9]
Peking2012 iGEM: Human Practices --- Series Lectures --- iGEM HS-Division in a Nutshell, [10]
University College London: #gemFM, radioshow Mixcloud / Soundcloud, [11]
Bielefeld-Germany: LIVE radio interview, Radio Hertz, [12]
SDU-Denmark: Forsker i fritiden, TV2 Fyn, [13]
University College London:London 'bio-hackers' catching the eye of professionals, BBC News TV, [14]

news articles about iGEM 2012
Peking2012 iGEM: Lecture "Life as Machines --- Rational Design for Artificial Biological Systems", Beijing Teenager Science and Technology Club, [15]
iGEM Leicester, Google Campus hosts future gene-iuses, University of Leicester press office, [16]
Lyon-INSA iGEM: Ready, Set, Go for OSLI 2012 iGEM Teams, Osli, [17] TU_Munich: TUM Brew, [18]


Peking2012 iGEM: Designing the Scientific Cradle for Quantitative Biologists, ACS Synth. Biol., [19]
iGEM Teams Germany, iGEM: Elf Teams tüfteln für die Biokonstrukteurs-WM, biotechnologie.de, [20]
iGEM Teams France, Site iGEM France, [21]

Buenos Aires 2012 iGEM Team, Synthetic Communities, [22]
SDU-Denmark: iGEM – Verdens største konkurrence indenfor syntetisk biologi vender tilbage til SDU, Sund & Hed, [23]

Waterloo 2012 iGEM Team, Educational Podcast on SynBio by Virtual Researcher On Call (Canadian Educational Resource Organization) [24]

team specific

Arizona_State: Students create low-cost biosensor to detect contaminated water in developing nations,[25]
Potsdam-Bioware: Hamsterzellen als Antikörperfabrik, biotechnologie.de,[26]
Valencia (UPV,UCV) : Seminar at the Institute of marine science (CSIC, Barcelona),[27]
Valencia (UPV,UCV) : Interview with D. Justo Aznar, an expert in Bioethics, Wordpress,[28]
Valencia (UPV,UCV) : What do you know about Synthetic Biology?, Wordpress,[29]
TU Delft : Our team gets featured in the national news paper,[30]
TU Delft : Team members reaching out to the general public at The Night of Art and Science in Groningen to spread awareness on Synthetic Biology , [31]
TU Delft : Licht aan de bacterie - Our team member Sietske explains how cool and fascinating Synthetic Biology is for LowLabs!! , [32]
Valencia (UPV,UCV): Biohacking: Do it yourself!, Wordpress, [33]
Valencia (UPV,UCV): Where will synthetic biology lead us?, Wordpress, [34]
Valencia (UPV,UCV): iGEM: Why of all this, Wordpress, [35]
University of Leicester: Synthetic biology solution to polystyrene degradation, Blogger, [36]
University College London: Land Grab: Could Bioremediation Turn Pacific Garbage Patch Into Habitable Island?, Good, [37]
University College London: Synthetic Bacteria Could Turn Ocean Garbage into One Big Island, Smithsonian, [38]
University College London: Students synthesizing bacteria to create islands out of garbage, DVICE, [39]
University College London: Nanobots could turn 'Great Pacific Plastic Patch' into a floating island, Wired, [40]
University College London: Synthetic Biology Speed Debate, C-LAB, [41]
University College London: From Pixels To DNA: The Next Frontier In Interaction Design, Co.Design, [42]
University College London: Biohacking, iGEM and the limits of citizen science, Po Ve Sham, [43]
University College London: Right or Risk? World's First Public BioBrick, C-LAB, [44]
University College London: Biohackers on the Rise, British Science Association People & Science, [45]
Queen's University: Getting Biological over the Break, Kingston This Week, [46]
Queen's University: Dance like everybody's watching, Kingston EMC, [47]
Queen's University: Dancing in the Lab, The Queen's Journal, [48]
NRP UEA Norwich: UEA Students Compete For Top Biology Prize, UEA Press Release, [49]
NRP UEA Norwich: Interview With Students From The UEA Talking About Synthetic Biology (Show 23), The Farming Show: STAR Radio, [50]
University of St Andrews: "Streets of London: paved with platinum" [51]
TU_Munich: Technische Universität München: Brauhefe für leckeres und gesundes Bier, biotechnologie.de, [52]
TU_Munich: TUMstudis: baker's yeast is synthetically converted, TUMstudinews, [53]
TU_Munich: Die Wunderhefe, jetzt.de sueddeutsche zeitung, [54]
TU_Munich: Widerstand gegen die "Grüne Gentechnik" wächst weiter, merkur, [55]
TU_Munich: iGEM: Fünf Teams lösen Ticket für Boston, biotechnologie.de, [56]
Tübingen: Tübinger Studenten nehmen an internationalem Forscherwettbewerb teil, Schwäbisches Tagblatt, [57]
Bielefeld-Germany: Studierende der Universität Bielefeld nehmen am iGEM-Wettbewerb teil, Universität Bielefeld, [58]
Bielefeld-Germany: Östrogen aus Trinkwasser entfernen, Press Release, [59][60][61][62][63]
Bielefeld-Germany: Turkey tail tree fungus could filter oestrogen from water, Wired, [64]
Bielefeld-Germany: Biological filter to remove estrogens from waste water and drinking water, News Medical Australia, [65]
Bielefeld-Germany: Das Wasser wird weiblich, Neue Westfälische, [66]
Bielefeld-Germany: Arzneimittel in Gewässern minimieren, Neue Züricher Zeitung, [67]
USP-UNESP-Brazil: Brazilian Science Dreams Come Alive, RocketHub Blog, [68]
USP-UNESP-Brazil: USP participa pela 1ª vez de campeonato de biologia sintética, Jornal do Campus, [69]
USP-UNESP-Brazil: Cientistas da USP conseguem financiar projeto com vaquinha virtual, Folha de S.Paulo, [70]
EPF-Lausanne: Fabriquer des médicaments en allumant la lumière? (French), Flash EPFL, [71] [72]
Lyon INSA iGEM : L’INSA de Lyon vise l’or à Amsterdam , En vue INSA Lyon, [73]
Trieste: Human practices - SynBio for everyone (Italian), Il Tascapane, [74]
Trieste: Human practices - SynBio and medicine (Italian), Il Tascapane,[75]
Trieste: Un'idea per proteggere l'intestino (Italian), ICGEB, [76]
Lyon-INSA:M. concourt au titre mondial de biologie de synthèse, Républicain Lorrain [77]
Lyon-INSA : L'Insa de Lyon vise l'or à Amsterdam, Insa de Lyon [78]
UANL_Mty-Mexico: Túnel de la Biología Sintética (Synthetic Biology Tunnel), Televisa, Monterrey,[79]
Wageningen_UR: The Constructor: a web application optimizing cloning strategies based on modules from the registry of standard biological parts, Journal of Biological Engineering,[80]
SDU-Denmark: Fighting Obesity at the SDU in Odense, SIJ, by Eliana van de Craats, [81]
Georgia_Tech: Georgia Tech workshop well received: Lambert students embrace engineering, ForsythNews.com, [82]
Cornell: Using electroactive bacteria, students design toxin sensor, Cornell Chronicle, [83]