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We encourage iGEM teams to consider publishing and presenting their projects through any of the following:

Please add any publications that have come out of your iGEM team project on this page. Be sure to include your team name, the article title and journal (with details on which edition, etc.), and a link to the article (pdf, or online source).


  • Journal: Title Date [link]

iGEM publications :

  • JBE: Team Wageningen UR 2012; The Constructor: a web application optimizing cloning strategies based on modules from the registry of standard biological parts 4 September 2012 [1]
  • PLoS ONE: Team Wageningen UR 2011; A Multi-Platform Flow Device for Microbial (Co-) Cultivation and Microscopic Analysis May 14, 2012 [2]
  • ACS Synthetic Biology: Peking; Automated Design of Genetic Toggle Switch with Predetermined Bistability May 4, 2012 [3]
  • ACS Synthetic Biology: Washington 2011; Expanding the Product Profile of a Microbial Alkane Biosynthetic Pathway September 12, 2012 [4]
  • Molecular Systems Biology: Peking; Synthesizing a novel genetic sequential logic circuit: a push-on push-off switch March 9, 2010 [5]
  • World Scientific Lecture Notes in Complex Systems: Peking; Network Reverse Engineering Approach in Synthetic Biology Feb, 2013 [6]
  • Journal of Visualized Experiments: Lyon-INSA-ENS 2011 Engineering Adherent Bacteria by Creating a Single Synthetic Curli Operon , Nov 2012 [7]
  • ACS Synthetic Biology: UT Austin 2012; Decaffeination and Measurement of Caffeine Content by Addicted Escherichia coli with a Refactored N-Demethylation Operon from Pseudomonas putida CBB5, March 2013 [8]