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Human Practice

Say Hello to Aliens !

We are the first iGEM team trying to introduce synthetic biology and iGEM idea to the aliens. In this part, we guys fellow the " Arecibo code" encode system and establish a special code for the aliens. According to the " Arecibo code" from NASA and appeared on the raw field, we logically hypothesize that the aliens understand the encode system we used.

By translating the information, we can easily transfer our ideas to the aliens. We not only try to demonstrate the topic, but the experiments we guys going to do. This spectacular code is composed of the number we use, the element we dominate, several important chemical formula related to the artificial creature, the genome of human beings and the cyanobacteria, and finally, the planet we live- Earth and Venus( what we guys pursue!!) and the location of our iGEM team, NYMU-Taipei.

What we have encoded:

1. number one-ten
2. elements dominated inside the creature we made
3. nucleotide chemistry formula , A,T,C,G
4. phosphate, sulfur, nitrate molecule inside this artificial microbe
5. sulfur metabolism and nitrate metabolism we created
6. genome of this new creature
7. the body shape and the population of the creature
8. the planet we live( Earth) and the planet we want to immigrate( Venus )
9. the location of our iGEM team, NYMU-Taipei