E.Lumoli: a shining synthetic device for digit or time-course display

XMU's 2012 iGEM team has constructed a fluorescent digital display device with synthetic logic gates, which is able to respond to signals by displaying and switching numbers. We put GFP equipped with degradation tags in downstream to illuminate our numbers and change them quickly as well. Considering our engineering background, we accordingly employ cell immobilization to build our device. Engineering bacteria have been embedded in intra-hollow calcium alginate microcapsules and in PDMDAAC-NaCS microcapsules, respectively. In addition, 3D CAD design is performed for a perfect device.
Our genetic circuits vary in length and RBS strength, leading to different durations of time delay for GFP expression. This inspired us to extend our work last year. By altering the strength of RBS at five grades, another five circuits have been built. After the induction by arabinose, the duration of response time for GFP expression increases as the strength of RBS declines, bringing about a time-course display.