Team:Arizona State/Main Results


Note from Dr. Haynes: Hi Nisarg

"Main Results" can be the Data Page. What needs to go here now is a nice diagram of the system, with labels showing where the BioBrick parts are:

This could be done in three parts:

  1. Biosensor production: Topo-alphaB(or omegaB-gal) + Topo target to produce a DNA-Topo-Beta-gal chimera
  2. Biosensor production: Streptavidin-alphaB(or omegaB-gal) + biotin-DNA to produce a DNA-Topo-Beta-gal chimera
  3. Model target pathogen (the E. coli strain with the GFP gene), lysis to release the GFP DNA, Biosensor binding, bringing alpha and omega together to produce a blue signal