Team:Arizona State/LabNotebook/Hyder


Hyder's Lab Notes


Miniprepped GFP1, RBS1, and RBS2 liquid cultures -Eluted wiht 50uL EB buffer

Picked one colony from dt1, pol1, PUC19, and negative control DH5a -Made 5mL liquid cultures in LB Amp for each colony.


Resuspended GFPT1 and GFPT2 oligos with Nuclease-Free H2O. (GFPT1 top1, GFPT1 top2, GFPT1 bot1, GFPT1 bot2, GFPT2 top1, GFPT2 top2, GFPT2 bot1, GFPT2 bot2) -Final Concentration 100uM

Preheated heating block to 100C

Annealed oligos - 3uL Top1 - 3uL Top2 - 3uL Bot1 - 3uL Bot2 - 2uL Annealing buffer 10x - 6uL Nuclease-Free H2O ______________________ Final Volume 20uL

Heated mixtures for 5 minutes at 100C Let cool to room temp on the metal block Stored at -20C