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iGEM Americas East


The iGEM 2012 Americas East Regional Jamboree is being organized by the Institute of Biological Engineering (IBE) which was established to encourage inquiry and interest in biological engineering.

The 21st century presents global challenges in the environment, resources, energy, health, and sustainability. IBE supports the community of scientists and engineers that are addressing these problems through biological systems analysis and design. They do this through enhancing and promoting biological engineering in the broadest manner through research, education, and professional development.

The emerging discipline of biological engineering lies at the interfaces of biological sciences, engineering sciences, mathematics and computational sciences. It applies biological systems to enhance of the quality and diversity of life.

IBE is a professional organization which encourages inquiry and interest in biological engineering. The organization supports:

  • Scholarship in education, research and service
  • Professional standards for engineering practices
  • Professional and technical development of biological engineering
  • Interactions among academia, industry and government
  • Public understanding and responsible uses of biological engineering products.

Through publications, meetings, distribution of information and services, IBE encourages:
  • Cooperation among engineers, scientists, technologists and allied professionals
  • Timely availability of new knowledge and technology
  • Collaboration in education, research and economic activities worldwide
  • Active promotion and growth of its members

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