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Jamboree Information



The University has excellent facilities for the development of the Jamboree and for the commodity of our guests. For more info about the University check out this site and the Travel page of this Wiki

Regarding Teams

The Organization Committee will give a Team Box to each team, its contents are:

1. Team member badges for each member of the Team. The badges should be worn all times during the Jamboree, so we can get to know each other and we can identify you for guidance, entrance in the presentation rooms and access to foods, dinners and parties!

2. A booklet for each team member containing Jamboree Handbook, program schedule, map of the University Campus, information about public transport in Bogotá and sponsor information will be handed to each member of the team.

Show your Team!

We encourage you to create a unique t-shirt that shows your team spirit! Use colors, drawings, themes, everything you want to create your team identity and to show your uniqueness to the other participants! Of course, use your sponsors and show who supported you!

Friday, October 5th

Transportation from Estelar Suites Jones Hotel* to Universidad de Los Andes 5pm - 8pm: Practice session. 8pm - 9pm: Welcome meeting. Transportation back to hotel Estelar

Saturday, October 6th

Transportation from Estelar Suites Jones Hotel* to Universidad de Los Andes


Each team needs to submit and present a poster at the Jamboree. The poster should comprise the main ideas of your project. Check the results pages from last year contest to get an idea for your poster! Poster session takes place on Saturday at TBD and there should be only one poster per team. The poster should be hung up on a poster stand in TBD and should be of a maximum area of 120 cm X 120 cm.

Presentation 9am - 6pm

Each team has 20 minutes of presentation time, 5 minutes for questions and answers, and 5 minutes to switch with the next presenters. We gently ask you to use the time wisely, and try to not prejudice the teams that follow you. In case of any IT problem, an iGEM organization member will be there to help you in anything you need.

Transportation from Universidad de Los Andes to Andrés Carne de Res

Social Event

On Saturday night after the poster reception, we will be hosting the iGEM Latin-America Jamboree Party. TBD

Transportation from Andrés Carne de Res back to hotel Estelar

Sunday, October 7th

Transportation from Estelar Suites Jones Hotel* to Universidad de Los Andes

Awards Ceremony 9am - 1pm

On Sunday, we will be taking the 2012 iGEM from Above group picture! It’s the First Latin-American Photo, so lets look sharp and amazing!

Evening is free for you to tour around the city

iGEM Latin-America from above


*Important! Free transportation mentioned above is only available from Hotel Estelar Suites Jones from/to both destinations meant to hold Jamboree events. If make your reservations in any other hotel ALL transportation expenditures go on your own.

Check the Travel Page for additional info on transportation!

If there is an emergency (medical emergency, fire, police, etc.) please contact the campus emergencies numbers:

  • From a campus phone: 0000 or use the Red telephones that are in every building!
  • From a cell phone, pay phone, or off-campus:112