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Human Practice

Board Game

Game rule

Player: 3~5
Playing time: 45 min
Each player takes 12 stuff cards and 1 mole of H2S, NO2, SO2, CO2.
Place the point card – the first factory, the second factory, the third factory, amoeba plate, Venus plate in each pile, in order of the point.
Randomly choose a player to be the first one.

  1. Choose 5 stuff cards in hand. Other cards put on the desk.
  2. the first player choose 1 cards from the five cards in hand. Then ask following players if they have the card clockwisely. If the following players have this card, they choose to ether “HAVE” or “BORROW” this card.
  3. the last player who choose to HAVE this card, the the player have the using right of this card.
  4. there are a clock in some of factory and plate cards. If there are 4 clocks or more appearing in game, then the game in this turn.
  5. count the number of bacteria and ATP in the end of the game.

We try to create a easy, interesting way to introduce our project. In the Taiwan igem fest, we successfully use this game to have fun with other team and introduce our project with interest and joyful way.