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Human Practice

Invitation of Academic Exchange with Foreign Students

What will happen when medicine meets synthetic biology?

National Yang Ming University, a medical school, focuses not only medicines but also the science. Although most of the members in NYMU.Taipei are medical students, we want to explore and create more about the beauty of the science. Furthermore, we want to let more medical student know the beauty and magic of the synthetic biology.

Thus, we will invite 7 medical exchange students (two Austrian, two Hungarian, one Canadian, two Slovakian) and several medical students in Yang Ming University to participate this meeting and to communicate with us about the synthetic biology and our project. Why do we spend time and money on this activity? We want to build up a system for medical students to easily understand what the synthetic biology is and to help medical students experience more and explore more in different fields. So, welcome to our 2012 IGEMedical fest in Taiwan!