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    XMU-Our Team

    Our Team

    Team Description:

    Our core team is made of 3 instructors, 3 advisors and 15 undergraduate students across a wide range of academic backgrounds. As time goes on, we quickly learned each other's strengths and weaknesses and developed standard systems of organizational management in order to synchronize our efforts for the many parallel tasks at hand. We created protocols, shared them with one another, worked together, and finally completed the project. While every member of the students group broadened their knowledge, our different areas of expertise allowed us to simultaneously approach problems from many angles. We are proud of the project that we have created which we will present at the Jamboree together in October.


    Prof. Bai-shan Fang
    Dr. Bai-shan Fang is the professor in College of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering at Xiamen University. In thegroup of biocatalysis and biotransformation, his research mainly focuses on synthetic biology, mining and the transformation of the enzyme, construction of bio-molecular machines, the application of new biocatalysts. His major role of XMU iGEM team is to mentor for all and to enlighten the members.
    Associate Prof. I-Son Ng
    Dr. I-Son Ng is the associate professorinCollege of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering at Xiamen University. Her research interests are biofuel, engineering of enzyme and protein, zymology, genetic engineering, biochemical separation procedures and proteomics. Her role for the project is to provide suggestions and instruments.
    Dr. Zhao-Shou Wang
    Dr. Zhao-shou Wang is the assistant professor in College of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering at Xiamen University. In the group of biocatalysis and biotransformation, his studies mainly on biological engineering, biological reaction and separation engineering, application and directed evolution of enzyme and biotechnology process optimization. This is his second year as an iGEMinstructor and his interest in the program springs from his belief in the value of inquiry as a means to getting students engaged in the pursuit of knowledge and developing habits of becoming lifelong learners.